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Traveling with children through Africa

A long journey can be a very enriching experience for children. The children come into contact with a different way of life and learn a lot. Captain Africa has a lot of experience in traveling with children and families. An adapted route is mapped out, adapted to the age. Child-friendly hotels are chosen, with for example a playground or a paddling pool, or else a nice garden or a beautiful beach.

There is also a lot less sitting in the car. Children also love monkeys and other animals, of course, and that is why a little more nature is always included.

Do you want to make a nice trip with your children or grandchildren?

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Why travel with the children to Africa?

  • A journey is a very enriching experience.
  • Contact with another culture is very educational.
  • We discover the "real" Africa.
  • The trip is tailored to the children.
  • We stay in child-friendly hotels.
  • We take our time everywhere.
  • Playing with the local children.
  • No long journeys.
  • Lots of contact with the population.
  • Captain Africa is the specialist for West Africa.

Travellers' reviews

"Hello Captain Africa, Thank you for the perfectly arranged tour with our two small children. The hotels and food were all neatly arranged ... The children had a great time and the locations were all child-friendly. It was a month that we will not soon forget."
Marc, Manon, Lissa, Pientje



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Travellers' reviews

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